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Tail end of a long week - Wanders of a Rambling Mind

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February 21st, 2008

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09:27 pm - Tail end of a long week

Not bad at all: met a good friend in person at last and walked Chinatown for the afternoon, picture taking for once taking a back seat to coffee and conversation. There is something as comfortable and comforting as old slippers in meeting someone you know well on line for the first time. Not intimacy precisely, but all the preliminary nerves are taken care of. "You get to know each other inside out," he said, "instead of the other way round."

Well put. 

I'm elbow deep in very old sewing machine oil tonight, parting out an ancient machine in search of the one screw I need to finish the tension on another machine. I think I might have to break down and ask someone precisely what I need, but at least I have this one stripped. An old Singer plastic and lord, at this second I can't even think of the model. But it's a Rocky I'm restoring, so it's worth it.

Current Mood: accomplished

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