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Tuesday as Wednesday - Wanders of a Rambling Mind

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February 26th, 2008

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09:12 pm - Tuesday as Wednesday
Which is, of course, wishful thinking. Work isn't THAT bad but the habit of wishing away the days is a hard one to break. this is a ramble night, nothing heavy but of course insightful and lightly touching on the fascinating. 


I am in the enviable position right now of choosing what to wear to work based on getting some use out of things before I shrink out of them. 6.5 pounds down in the last week, and reducing has nothing to do with it. Getting back to my right habits -- and I do know what they are -- has everything to do it. 


I had a mini-panic attack tonight. Financially I should not be able to make it here, period. My income went down a total of $600/month and my expenses went up $300 +/- which is one hell of a hit. There is no way I should be able to manage this, but I am. So far. It isn't easy, and it's scary, and I know there will be points when I fall behind. But I am controlling my spending as much as my eating, and that is my strength: I am getting better and better at this. I don't need rescue -- and I don't do rescue. 

Not any more. 


Listening to Mason Williams, "Classical Gas" in the car at noon yesterday. Thinking how different the generations are, my 60's exuberant and now so innocent music. Remember Strawberry Alarm Clock? Peanut Butter Conspiracy? Wes Montgomery indicated world weary cynicism by picturing discarded cigarette butts in a puddle. Musing interrupted by a pair of overage gangstas stroll down the street. It's a walk you know anywhere even without the hoodies and slouched pants. But damned if the older of the two wasn't swaggering exactly in time to my music! Maybe a bit more universal after all. 


Reminds me: I had a CD on because I'm back to a moratorium on NPR. They are hip deep in elections and I am weary indeed of that. I got a survey by phone tonight. Liberal or conservative? Clinton or Obama? Which statements would you agree with? Then he tossed out the humdinger:

"You may hear one or several of these statements in the campaign this year. Would they make a difference in how you view the candidates, in how you vote?

For example if you heard Obama snorted cocaine when younger how would it affect your vote? It wouldn't.

If you found that clinton was a radical while at Yale law school, supporting every Marxist student group around, would it affect your vote?

Okay, I get it. What a sneaky way to spread crap about the Demos!

I told them it would be the deciding factor for me: if I found that was true I would DEFINITELY vote for the lady!

Good grief. 

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