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Machine Madness - Wanders of a Rambling Mind

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February 22nd, 2008

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06:56 pm - Machine Madness

It's Friday, a blessed day in my working world. I'd rather be home either communing with the cats or drowning in sewing machine oil. I work with what are supposed to be grown men but I feel more like a supervisor on a playground most days. One out today with a sick child and the other sulked -- just too convenient, he said, that the kid is sick on a Friday. I suggested his lower lip was dragging and received the glare that presages a full tilt sulk. The other grown-up of the group is coming back monday after three months out on comp -- dear friend, but it's not written anywhere that dear friends can't be pains in the butt at the same time. This one is: ever met an emotional bully who also oozes negative vibes, but only at work and about work? Everything else is sunshine and roses and perceptive affection but on the job he rates a large 0 from me. 

To the ranch this w/end, see if I can walk off some of the work energy. My friend up there has a new pup who looks either like Spuds Mackenzie or the old Little Rascals dog, and I'm betting that mutt will want a good romp as much as I will. It will be a good trick, come to think of it, in rain and the rumored 50 mph winds. Hmmm. Have to change that plan -- 

Tonight was a sewing machine triumph! I've been fighting with one of my old Singers for weeks, and today went to see my one remaining hope for a decent repairman in town. Wonder of wonders, he's one of us: passionate about the old machines, an eBay seller who has had his own share of the feedback/refund/PayPal miseries, and he gave me an idea. It worked -- I got the tension assembly on at last! Now, of course, I'll have to adjust it, but it is ON!! I'm going to take my newly refurbed Elnita up the hill with me to stay there -- it's light, purrs when it runs and will be perfect for piecing. I've got four baby quilts to do, so it's time to get a move on. I spent January re-doing the IBM's after the great cat crash caper, and all of Feb so far has been machines. Time to switch gears again and start getting the tops done: I can't quilt them til I've got them.

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